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Hello there. My name is Rebecca Coloma Cruz and I’m the number cruncher + efficiency lover + tech savvy behind Forth Rd. I worked in Finance and Business Planning and Management Reporting for Fortune Global 500 companies before I went ahead and dive on in to the crazy and fun world of online entrepreneurship. Though my career background is about numbers, I am strongly pulled towards creating content, design, and things innovation and efficiency.

As a finance professional, I helped business units develop annual operating plans and comprehensive financial reports that present the status of the business – in terms of actuals and goals, and the impact of potential market risks. It is through those companies that I learned and practiced continuous improvement methodology. Sounds fancy but it is like “Marie Kondo your process”. Find what’s not working, streamline and improve processes, and introduce a new system that would get you to your goal strategically and efficiently.

And that’s where I can help you. I help you take your business forward and emerge from overwhelm and indecisiveness. You need visibility into the operational and financial aspects of your business. We begin by understanding your top priorities and aligning your actions. Then we put together a plan and strategy. We’ll translate your actions into numbers so you know where you stand financially at any given time. While doing that, we’ll transform your system to allow you to execute with ease.

Forth Rd. is about moving forward. When I first saw the word, it felt like I had my sweet Einstein moment of discovery. The word forth resonated with me and it aligns with my mission and my why. Personally, I wanted to move on from the dark world of self-doubt and lacking of self-esteem which I discovered years ago as a result of an intense political play during my corporate days. I have been educating myself to bring forth the confidence which was shelved at the farthest side of my mind.

Just recently, I completed a training program by the Institute of Certified Management Accountants, Australia on Strategic Business Analysis and Strategic Cost Management. It was run by a local partner but the syllabus and program content are from ICMA Australia. My main purpose for joining the training program was so I could go back to corporate with fresh knowledge and renewed motivation.

However, I was inspired by my friend who has this mission to help change the lives of women in poorer communities by equipping them with knowledge on how to make a living out of the community’s natural resources and tradition and teaching them how to spend their income properly. So that brought me back to what I like doing and my mission.

I realized that not many small businesses implement strategic practices as the companies I have worked at use to grow the business. What’s common? Small and growing business owners often miss the financial aspect of a business. Figure out how much you want to earn and how much you can spend, define what you will do to achieve that figure and how much you will charge and that’s it! Running a healthy and progressive business go beyond that.

I saw an opportunity to help businesses understand and grow their business further. So Forth Rd. aims to equip CEOs of small businesses like you with the tools on how to interpret your numbers and utilize those numbers for you to know which should you drive more. It’s here to help you be more intentional with your offerings and not just base on what’s trending. I’m here to help you gain financial clarity and make your system be more efficient.

Let’s capitalize on what’s working.

This process is called Monthly Operations Review or Monthly Business Planning in big corporations. They have a dedicated team focused on running the P&L (profit and loss), making simulations to gauge the profitability of new projects, products, or services, or even to understand at what price point or how many volumes to break-even, incur a loss, and record the optimum attainable profit. During times of uncertainty, like the recent impact of Covid-19 pandemic, adjustments are done to understand the impact for the full financial year (not just for guess-timate), come up with solutions to somehow mitigate the impact, and what’s the closest landing number (profit at end of financial year).

Let’s work together to have the same kind of clarity for your business. You’ll feel more in control, free and at peace knowing that you have your own CFO or business partner who will help you stay on track to achieve your target landing. Only then, you can be intentional and purposeful with your actions. Bring in the right amount of customers and execute what’s profitable to your business.

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Creating a financial plan is always missed by most biz owners. Scale up following a well-defined operational master plan + financial plan + business review process.

Personal Trivia

A proud mom to a ballerina princess who loves to doodle, sing, and read (and good at them). I was born and grew up in a small provincial town. Reading books, studying, and writing journals were my hobby.

I love having coffee, wine, or tea, with bread. Never say no to salted caramel. Cheese, olives, olive oil, tofu, bacon, sundried tomato paste, and cream of mushroom are staple in our household. My friends love my spiced carrot cake. Kimchi jiggae and Japanese shabu are my go-to comfort food.

Kshows, k-dramas and shows on profiling, mystery, and interior desing are my past-time TV faves. I like mystery, conspiracy, and self-help books on self-care and business. Even overthinking that everything happening is some sort of conspiracy (wide-eyed stare..kidding).

I sold bananas from our backyard when I was 6 years old. I woke up early and sell them to the neighbouring blacksmith area. Joanna Gaines is my ultimate entrepreneur inspiration.

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Start having confidence by knowing your numbers and making your system work for you. You need visibility into the operational and financial aspects of your business.

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