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Free Canva Templates for Your Social Media Marketing

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Learn How to Customize the Free Canva Templates

Free Canva templates are sure the best resources to level up social media marketing. Templates are a great way to improve every process that an online entrepreneur does. This includes social media marketing.

Using templates shorten processing times and provide consistency in your graphics. I use Illustrator for most of my graphics. Now, I am switching uncomplicated graphics to Canva. Like those not needing comprehensive editing.

Level up your social media marketing with free Canva templates

What are those Free Canva Templates?

You will get free Canva templates for:

  • Instagram Post,
  • Instagram Story, and
  • Facebook Post.

So how do I customize the free Canva templates to match my branding?

1. Update Your Branding Elements

Following your branding, first change elements like the color palette, font, and messaging. You can load your branding to Canva. Though, for paid fonts usually, uploading them to Canva requires paid membership.

The paid membership is like $12 a month which is less expensive than Adobe. It is worth it because Canva is super easy to navigate. You can learn it in a snap. Furthermore, you can edit on the go through the mobile app.

Once you have loaded your branding to Canva, you can now change the color palette and the fonts. You can also refer to your branding board. Even without loading your branding. Unless your fonts are not included with Canva’s free account.

Grab your Free Branding Board and Moodboard templates here.

You can edit by clicking each element and updating them with your own branding elements. Please refer to the video for more detailed instructions.

2. Update heading, subheading, and other texts

Update the texts each time according to your messaging, blog or social media content. You can adjust the sizes of texts based on your content.

When you update the texts, make sure you have white space or room to rest the eyes. That the texts don’t look too busy or compressed.

Check out suggested font pairings which are free here.
Here are other free script fonts you can use for your graphics.

3. Update your Call-to-Action

The free Canva templates have call-to-action elements like “LINK IN BIO”. Change the call-to-action elements based on your needs. it should bring your audience to take action. So have strong call-to-action words as much as possible.

Learn what Call-to-Action is and get examples of effective CTAs here.

4. Replace pictures according to your branding

Visuals are part of your branding. I tend to use light, feminine, sophisticated visuals. That is part of my branding. So use pictures that reflect you and your brand. Not only random pictures you see on the web.

The pictures used in the free Canva templates are from Canva and Unsplash. They are free to use except for the Canva image.

Grab your FREE Blog Launch Workflow here.
Learn how to structure your blogging process with this FREE Blogging Workflow.

Finally, batch create your graphics

Canva works well for templates. Having this free Canva template allows you to batch create your graphics. This is what I like to do since it cuts half the processing time. It is straightforward and easy to learn.

You only need to update the branding at the start. Once you have set the templates in Canva, then you simply have to edit with new headings and pictures each time. You can finish it in a few minutes.

When I rebranded my site, it helped a lot that I have templates in Illustrator. My blog, Pinterest, and social media graphics are all in one Illustrator file. So I only edited the headings and pictures to update all templates at once. Saving me much time.

If you know someone who you can help by sharing these free Canva templates, please do share! Enjoy! creatives support_welcome1 financial planning and analysis for entrepreneurs systems workflows free templates canva trello blog management pinterest management

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