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Financial Forecasting for a Small Business. Learn How To Do It.

You may think of investments and stocks when you see financial forecasting. However, what I will cover is not about those. Instead, it's about sales, COGS, and operating expenses for a small business. ... READ the POST

Learn how to do financial forecasting for a small business to grow your business. Know the key components, when and how to do it.

How to Prepare An Operating Expense Budget for a Small Business

What is an Operating Expense? Operating expenses are the expenses you incur to run your business. These costs reduce your revenue. Operating expense is a deduction from your Gross Profit to come up ... READ the POST

Operating expenses are the costs you incur to run your business. Learn what are considered as OpEx and how to prepare the operating expense budget.

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Start having confidence by knowing your numbers and making your system work for you. You need visibility into the operational and financial aspects of your business.

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